Hi all, join me on my self discovery of makeup. I want to inspire all women that color is our friend and was created for us to play with. I truly believe every color can be used its just a matter of finding the right shade and lastly having confidence to rock it. From natural to edgy each week i will try to do colors that "not used" by darkskinned women.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kelly rowland "gone" pool side makeup look

Ok, I have always been a big fan of smash hit  'dilemma' back in 2002. So when the sequel came out I was so happy to watch the video. The song isn't epic but if you are a fan of the duo the catchy lines will get to you. Anyways, I decided to do Kelly makeup by the pool scene which was so gorgeous!! The makeup artist is Latasha Wright and she is based in Atlanta, ga.

The above scene was steamy and you could tell they have great chemistry sorry Ashanti. The look incorporates a bold blue based pink so basically any fuchsia color in your collection will be great. The eyes were tricky because the different light reflections kept throwing me off. So I used a MUFE wine cream base (NYX rust dupe), then I applied Mac rose pigment to 2/3 of the lid. In the outer third I applied a plum brown color from MUFE (sorry no name). My transition colors were a mixture of saddle, folie and rule for some warmth in the crease. Used #12 lashes, my fav, then applied a Lancome star bronzer (sample I got from sephora) to the inner corner and as a highlight. On my cheeks I applied the infamous Nars Exhibit A. Lips I used Beet ( any deep pink liner is fine) and I applied Mac show orchid lipstick. The look definitely is pretty so try it out or send me a pic via twitter.

Little Rant**: My La Femme blushes are taking forever to get here so Ill pray for a miracle that they arrive this weekend.
Thanks and see you in the next post!!!

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