Hi all, join me on my self discovery of makeup. I want to inspire all women that color is our friend and was created for us to play with. I truly believe every color can be used its just a matter of finding the right shade and lastly having confidence to rock it. From natural to edgy each week i will try to do colors that "not used" by darkskinned women.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anyone say Blue, Blue and more Blue inspired by Lilpumpkinpie05

Ok guys, this is another look as stated above inspired by Miss Jackie o, (otherwise known as lilpumpkinpie05) on the YT. If you don't know her already check her out she is awesome. She has these amazing long lashes that I dream of (no homo lol). Anyways I don't have Sugarpill products that were featured in her original look so I substituted with what I had already in my stash. Check out the pic below and please visit my YT channel where I did tutorial on this look!!
(All mac unless stated otherwise)
Face: Same as always
Eyes: inner v reflects teal, lid freshwater, outer v carbon, bridge color saddle +folie, highlight natural + comfort msf
Cheeks: nars taos and highlight with comfort msf
Lips: Cork lipliner with freshbrew lipstich and beaux lipglass

Next look up features greens eyes and smokin pink lips ;)
Bye loves,

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