Hi all, join me on my self discovery of makeup. I want to inspire all women that color is our friend and was created for us to play with. I truly believe every color can be used its just a matter of finding the right shade and lastly having confidence to rock it. From natural to edgy each week i will try to do colors that "not used" by darkskinned women.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retro Glam baby!!

Hi guys,
It have been a minute since I last posted, but I fully blame school coursework lol. Today's look is a shimmer neutral eye and banging red lip reminiscent of the 60's era. I added some beauty spots which I wish I had permanently. Oh well, so I realized that if one was to receive a package from non-EU countries you get charged with custom fees!! I had to pay 12 pound handling fee for a 23 pound product!!! INSANE!!!  All because I wanted to take advantage of La femme free shipping!! Curse my cheapness!!

The Look had some serious highlighting with Mac nc50. I used mac painterly as a base, then I used brown script in my crease, then embark in the outer v. On my lid is Mac Hush topped with All that glitters, then Fascinating eye kohl in the waterline, lined with Blacktrack Fluidline. Added favorite lashes #12, then highlighted with Bamboo (a lighter matte shade). On my lips is Vino lipliner with the infamous RUBY WOO lipstick (this shade look great on all skin tones). Cheeks is Exhibit A (used very lightly today).
Had fum doing the look and as always you can check out my youtube page to see how I did the look!!
Smooches (I am so cheesy today gosh)

Side note: Has anyone seen Thor? I am officially in lust with Chris Hemsworth!! His body is freakin amazing!!!!


  1. aww.. I love fluidline blacktrack too xD my favest eyeliner ever~

  2. gorg! i can't wait to see thor!!

  3. @yummy411 the film isnt epic but the 'eye candy' chris hemsworth hubba hubba lol

  4. Love the look all your looks really just found your blog very impressed ruby woo has been on my wishlist for a minute seeing how beautiful it looks on you i have to hurry up and go get it.

  5. @cocoagirlID most definetly get it looks gorgeous other choices can be mac diva or even russian red!! Thanks