Hi all, join me on my self discovery of makeup. I want to inspire all women that color is our friend and was created for us to play with. I truly believe every color can be used its just a matter of finding the right shade and lastly having confidence to rock it. From natural to edgy each week i will try to do colors that "not used" by darkskinned women.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swatchfeast: La Femme Blushes plus a little Sleek

This is my first Haul post!! YAY!! so I got the famous La Femme Blushes which I must say are justified in their pigmentation quality for their inexpensive pricing. Ladies when I say inexpensive I mean seriously $2.50 for each blush, which are 5.5grams, astounding isn't it. They are makeup artist secret weapons, SERIOUSLY!!. There are 3 different places to buy them from
1.) www.Makeupmania.com, where I purchased mine from, but their customer service was okay, shipping proved to be great hassle
2.) www.CameraReadyCosmetics.com
3.) For my UK beauties, www.love-makeup.co.uk, (their collection is missing some colors like russet, but they still have a good variety of colors).
There are two ways of ordering these blushes,

i.) Blush on rouge, if you are interested in these blushes in pot form  or
ii.) The palette lab which provides a palette plus 12 blushes in pan form.
Altogether I paid $35 excluding shipping, but since I ordered mine during their 'free shipping trial period', that's all I paid. The downside UK ladies is that I had to pay custom charges to receive the items, that was seriously f***** up.  Another perk of selecting the palette lab option is that you get to name your palette, I chose " BLUSH ME SILLY". For reference I'm a Mac NW50 so you can see for yourselves that the colors do come on very well on dark skin, therefore if you lighter they will even be brighter.

So from L-R, top to down these were the colors I selected
Bordeaux, Cinnabar, Brick Red, Golden Sunset, Golden Ruby, Magenta
Orchid Ice, Terracotta, Sienna, Coral, Mulberry, Redwood
Above is in natural lighting
Next is indoors (not much of a difference I'm afraid)
A word of caution, a simple tap (NOT SWIPE) is all that is needed for these blushes to show, so in case you don't love extremely bold color please be advised lol. I swatched on a white blank paper so that you could judge for yourselves without my skin distorting the coloring.

Next, I made my second purchase from Sleek, which came out with new Truecolor Lipsticks that are so out of this world. I'm not a big fan of their eyeshadow textures (too chunky for my taste), but their contouring kit and lipsticks and glosses have got me hooked. I purchased mine from Superdrug, but they are also available online at sleekmakeup.com. Orginally they retail for £3.99, but there was promo for 2 for £6 at Superdrug. I got  Mystic (Mac Violetta dupe) and Candy Cane (Mac impassioned but slightly more pinky).
Recommendations: All if possible lol, will definitely be purchasing more whenever possible like grape, russet, frambosia whenever they become available.
L-R: Sleek Mystic (matte), Mac Violetta, Sleek Candy cane (sheen).
Top to Bottom: Sleek Mystic topped with Mac Funtablous dazzleglass  Candy cane, combo of both lol

(image courtesy of sleekmakeup.com)
I wanted to get Amped (possible Mac Candy yum yum dupe) and OMG (if Morange and So chaud had a baby maybe) but they were out of stock.
Have you guys bought any La Femme or Sleek products lately???


  1. love ur lip swatches,I bought an illuminator and 4lipsticks from Sleek lately

    Nice blog by the way,Im following

  2. I ordered some blushes from La Femme last month, and haven't received them yet. I called today, and they apologized for the delay. In addition, they waived the shipping, and reassured my blushes would be sent out today.
    P.S. Love the swatches!

  3. love he swatches! I think I should give them a call, ordered a month ago and still no news :(
    they better be good after all the wait!

  4. You can definitely find a lot of HTF/discontinued Mac products in the Mac-cosmetics here http://mac-cosmetics.livejournal.com/. They are mostly makeup artist selling off their overstock/used/discontinued makeup and i've bought almost all the Mac pigments here at half price.

  5. HI,love your swatches ,pls check sleek lipstick AMYTHEST I feel thats a closer dupe for MAC VOILETTE and Im so in love with sleek mystic and papaya punch also there blushes are quit pigmented,love their contour kit in dark .One question though how do i get le femme blushes most of these website dont ship to Nigeria or I have no idea how to go about it.