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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Joed Garden & Homes" Sales

Ok guys,
This post is for my Nigerian viewers especially those living in Lagos. If anyone is looking to decorate their home with 'one of a kind furnishing', I have a fantastic place for you to visit. Its called JOED GARDENS & HOMES. It is located on the "mainland', 49, Isaac john, Ikeja GRA, to be more precise. The prices might be steep for some people but if one is looking to build a 'premium home', they have furniture sets, artificial plants, jacuzzi s', garden speakers and patio sets and much more. The great news is they having sales at the moment so this is the time to buy. The owner was gracious to allow me to take pictures so that you guys could see the fabulous stuff available there.So make sure you stop by to see these items!!!

Trust me there are many more items like these, but you have to be there!!!

Until next time, lovelies!!!

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