Hi all, join me on my self discovery of makeup. I want to inspire all women that color is our friend and was created for us to play with. I truly believe every color can be used its just a matter of finding the right shade and lastly having confidence to rock it. From natural to edgy each week i will try to do colors that "not used" by darkskinned women.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back from hiatus!!!

Hi guys,
It been forever since I lasted posted I know I know. I could give a lot of excuses but the truth is life got in the way, and a bit of laziness could be added. So let me generalize the few changes in my life:
1.) I have a Masters degree in Marketing yay!!
2.) I have relocated bk to Nigeria, a hard decision but will discuss more in depth
3.) I took a makeup class that really helped me understand the tricks of trade, (I have a lot of cheat tricks for newbies wanting to perfect their faces)
4.) I have gained 10 pounds since I last wrote this post ( so depressing!!!!)

To be honest these might not seem like much but trust me, its been an exhilarating experience!!!

Love ya'll Lola

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